• Several of our locations offer compounding, including New Bern and Jacksonville. Even the locations that do not offer this service can send it to one of our compounding pharmacists and have it back to you within a few days. We can compound anything from creams to suppositories to oral suspensions. We can also do hormone replacement therapy as well.

    What is Compounding?

  • Compounding is the customized mixing of drugs by a compounding pharmacist to meet the unique needs of a patient.
  • reasons for compounding...

  • 1. A pharmaceutical company may have discontinued manufacturing a medication due to lack of profit or other setbacks. We can order the ingredients for that discontinued medication in bulk and compound the product into a particular dosage for you.

    2. You may be allergic to a particular preservative, dye or binder in a particular medication or nutritional supplement. We can likely compound that particular product without the offensive ingredient.
  • 3. We can create unique dosage forms or custom flavored products for special situations such as pediatric or veterinary patients.
  • 4. We may be able to combine several medications you are taking into one dosage form to increase compliance. The same situation may apply to a patient taking several nutritional supplements.
  • 5. Some patients cannot take certain medications due to side effects such as upset stomach or systemic side effects like drowsiness. We can prepare the medications in a cream that can be applied directly to the site of the pain to avoid the unwanted side effects.
  • Compounding for my pets, too?

  • Yes! Most pet owners know that it can sometimes be hard to get pets to take oral medications. Dosages can even be tricky with different weights of different animals. Our compouding pharmacists can offer patient-specific dosages in strength and formula. Whether it's flavored medication, a combination of several prescriptions, or medicine tailored for size and strength, our compounding pharmacists can solve your pet's medication problems. Visit our Veterinary Pharmacy website for more information.